Brief introduction to institutes in SAAS

1.    Agricultual Environment and Resources   Institute  

2.    Crop Science Institute

3.    Vegetables Institute

4.    Plant Protection Institute

5.    Horticulture Institute

6.    Sorghum Institute

7.    Wheat Institute

8.    Farming Product Storage and Freshening Institute

9.    Farming Products Integrated Utilization Institute

10. Agricultural Resources and Economics Institute

11.Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary sciences

12. Agricultural Scientech information Institute

13.Cash Crops Institute

14.Maize Institute

15.Institute of High Latitude Crops

16.Millet Institute

17.Institute of Crop Germplasms Resources

18.Cotton Institute

19.Pomology Institute

20.Modern Agricultural Research Center

21.Dryland Farming Research center

22.Minor Crop Center

23.Editable Fungi Institute

24.Shanxi Dafeng Seed Co, Limited

25.Shanxi Victory Feed Co. Limited

26.Shanxi white Agricultural R&D Center

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