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  Zhao Chunming

   Secretary of Party Committee

Li Bin

Associate Director

 Wang Juanling,  Zhang Qiang,  Li Jinling  


Objective and research areas: The academy is engaged in scientific researches to promote agricultural development, involving agricultural applied scientific researches, agricultural soft scientific researches, agricultural basic researches, development of new agricultural technology, demonstration of scientific achievements, and related social services, so as to solve key technological problems in modernization of the province and provide services for development of the provincial agriculture and increase of farmers income.

Organizational framework: ShanxiAcademy of Agricultural Sciences, subjected to Shanxi Government, is a public welfare scientific research institution. There are 21 research institutes, 5 research centers, 3 experimental stations, they are situated in 9 places of the province.And in the academy other organizations established are National Agricultural New Technological Zone, Changzhi Division of National Millet Improvement Center, Division of National Cereal Processing Technology Center, National Anti-pest Cotton Pilot Test Base, national breeders stock propagation bases for millet, maize, potato, germplasm nursery of jujube date, grape, and wine grape, key experimental laboratory of gene resources and germplasms for loess plateau (subjected to Agriculture Ministry), Safety Risk Evaluation Lab for Farming Products Quality (subjected to Agriculture Ministry), the Huang-Huai Area Soybean Scientific Observation Experiment Station (subjected to Agriculture Ministry), Taiyuan Harmful Organisms scientific observation Experiment Station(subjected to Agriculture Ministry), National Demonstration Base for introducing foreign intellectual achievements and Taiyuan Cereal Research Center of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. There are also 27 comprehensive experimental stations for agro-industry technological system, 2 provincial key labs (Shanxi Insecticide Key Lab, Shanxi Soil Environment and Nutrient Resources Key Lab), 4 provincial key disciplinary programs (crop genetic breeding, agricultural ecology, insecticide science, plant gene engineering), 3 master programs (together with Biological Engineering College of Shanxi University). The academy possesses national or provincial accredidation for engineering consultation and test. Academic journals edited and published by the academy are Acta Agriculture Boreali Sinica, Village directors, Shanxi Agricultural Science and Shanxi Pomology. The academy has its own network, providing technological services for Shanxis agriculture.

The Academy has 2845 staff, 2048 of them are technical researchers, making up 72% of the whole staff. Among those researchers, 223 are professor, 342 associated professor, 946 middle ranked technicians. Now 90 researchers are studying for doctors degree and 359 are for masters degree, consisting of 22% of the whole researchers, 2.4 times more than the number by the end of the 10th Five year Plan. Among the senior researchers there are 7 doctor tutors and 61 master tutors. 11 researchers are granted the title of National Young and Middle Aged Expert for Outstanding Achievements, 1 the title of Agricultural Scientist of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, 11 the title of Science and Technology Contributors, 28 the title of Shanxi Outstanding Expert. One researcher is chosen as candidate of National New Century talents and 21 as candidates of Provincial Technological leaders. 3 and 42 researchers are recognized as senior expert by Central Organization Department and the provincial Party Committee respectively. 12 researchers are recognized as professional expert of national modern agro-industrial technology system.

Recently the academy is focused on strengthening the construction of superiority subjects and research areas and it takes the lead in crop breeding for dry farmland, cereal breeding, vegetable and fruit breeding, genetically modified cotton breeding, utilization of sorghum heterosis, insecticide residue test and fruit storage and freshening. During the 11th Five Year Plan Period, 138 programs have been evaluated, among them 4 reaching the international advanced level, and 50 reaching the national advanced level. 110 research achievements received Shanxi Provincial Award for Science and TechnologyAdvancement (10 first grade award, 55 second grade award and 45 third grade award),and the number offirst grade award has increased to 79.2% of the whole provincial ones compared with 56.5% during the 10th Five Year Plan Period. 317 new cultivars have passed provincial identification and Cognizance, consisting of 68.1% of the whole province. Among those, 27 new cultivars passed identification of national level and 30 maize cultivars passed identification of the provincial level or municipal level. 27 new crop cultivars are granted the right of plant new variety and 48 patents are recognized. In order to broaden the coverage and application of agricultural scientific achievements, the academy organized and implemented Shanxi program for Agro-technological Extension and Demonstration and first adopted chief expert responsibility system for agro-technological extension. The program was listed as priori work of the provincial government and was given priori support. During the three years of implementation high-yielding records have been created in irrigated and dryland maize, silage maize, irrigated and dryland wheat, dryland millet, brewing sorghum, dryland cabbage, virus-free potato and others, making fruitful achievements, achieving significant economic benefits and providing strong technological support for the transitional development of the provincial agriculture. The academy also provides services like network platform, expert hot line, scientific consultation, and the initiative of farmers science and technology day.

Nowadays the academy is actively engaged in organizing, optimizing and allocating all kinds of technological resources, establishing technological innovative base, experiment and demonstration base and propagation bases. Efforts are made to further perfect management system, complete operational mechanism, create new environment so as to encourage technological innovation and build up the capacity for technological service.The academy is trying its best to realize innovative, coordinated, sustainable and harmonic development so as to provide strong technological support for Shanxis modern agriculture and establishment of new social rural areas.

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